Growing up, i really loved movies. Especially those with parties, modern music and people who seem to live their best life. “We Are You Friends”; “Bad Neighbours”, the infamous “Project X”. So naturally, I was very excited to turn 16 and start exploring the urban nightlife. I was blessed with living in one of the most diverse and biggest cities in Germany and had a lot of opportunities to explore sick clubs, bars and venues of every kind. But I often realized that the atmosphere of a night, and how people experience it, not only depends on the location, but even more on the music and the vibe that comes with it and therefore the job of a DJ. In school my friends always handed me the cables to choose the songs to play on the speakers. Because i knew very well what to play to create a nice atmosphere and make everyones school day at least a bit better. So far, Djing was only a hobby tho, but this changed drastically when i got asked to do my first Gig. At a nice venue i played at the graduation-party of my brother. And absolutely loved it. The way people react to teasing a new song they like, or the enthusiams to sing-along to their old and new favorites, finally made me realize: I want to do this.



I want to not only play music, i want to give the crowd the experience they see in those infamous movies. Just like i imagined them in my teenage years. Because everyone always says that “it’s just a movie, it’s not real life”



And i want to prove them otherwise.